Specializing in Cleaning and Care Services

ARD AL BADIYAH Cleaning Service L.L.C was established to provide independent cleaning service professionals a safe and financially rewarding environment. We fully understand the environment and the needs of UAE population from the client and service professional’s viewpoint. Our goal is provide a quality and dependable service at a reasonable price.

We feel this can be achieved by investing in our staff and customers. We invest in our staff by providing service and language training. Our company is built upon a solid organizational structure that allows our professionals to grow within the company. We invest in our customers by offering guaranteed service and tailored scheduling to fit your busy schedule. Our professionals have standard checklist that can be modified to provide an appointment that fits your requirements.

Our experienced trustworthy and reliable cleaning professionals are from Indonesian, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Uganda and Ethiopian. They are well spoken in English and Arabic. We have a team of coordinators who are available 24/7. They are involved in the daily activities of the cleaners and are available to resolve issues on site. They are only a phone call away to resolve issues quickly.

ARD AL BADIYAH seeks to provide services that always ensure the clients satisfaction with respect to all contractual requirements.


Is to provide the customer all of our services in an environmentally sound, completely trustworthy, and professional manner.
A tradition of
quality cleaning

Every projects is different. Every client is special.

Specializing in
Cleaning and Care
Professional Cleaning Services
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